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  TigWeb:青少年创意项目组织(全称Taking IT Global),是一个由青年人主导的国际组织,帮助全世界各地的青年去发现灵感,交流思想,引导就业;提供年轻人的发展空间,从多行业展示年轻人的朝气蓬勃。




  TakingITGlobal, which is also known as TIG, is a charitable non-governmental organization focusing on global issues by promoting awareness and engagement among global youth. It was founded in 1999 in Toronto, Canada by Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk, who are the Executive Director and Director of Technology respectively.

  TIG uses an online social network aimed primarily at youth to raise awareness and discussion on a number of global issues and encourages youth to take action that affects their local and global communities. Often cited as the world’s largest community for young people interested in positive change, TIG’s membership has exceeded 230,000 active members from about 136 countries, as of February 2009.

  Their monthly growth rate has been estimated to be about 10%. While a majority of the organization’s work is conducted through their website, TIG has also organized online e-courses, training programs and youth forums. TIG's involvement with international conferences ranges from being a coordinating committee member of the Mexico YouthForce for the XVII International AIDS Conference to being an organizing partner for the 4th World Youth Congress (Conference Website) which was under the patronage of the Governor General of Canada.